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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an adjustment?

The chiropractor uses carefully directed and controlled pressure, using their hands, in a precise direction to a joint that is not moving properly in order to allow the body to begin the healing process.

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How is an adjustment given?

There are many different types of adjustments. Some are quick, gentle movements, others are slow constant pressure, and some are assisted with special chiropractic equipment like the segmental drop adjusting table, the Activator, or the pelvic blocks. Treatment is varied for different conditions, the body type of the patient and chiropractor, and the preference of the patient whenever possible.

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Is chiropractic safe?

Yes, chiropractic is a safe and effective form of care when provided by a registered chiropractor. Patients may experience some side effects after treatment such as feeling more uncomfortable, stiff or tired for a day or so but these affects are normally minor and do not last for very long.

It is important that you talk to your chiropractor if you have any questions during any part of your care.

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What is the popping sound?

The sound is the same as a knuckle cracking. It indicates the joint has separated slightly and released normal fluids and gases in the joint.

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Will I need further tests?

Only if necessary. It depends on what the Chiropractor finds after your consultation and examination. X-rays, MRI and laboratory tests are important diagnostic tools.

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How many Treatments will I need?

The amount of treatment needed is different for every patient. Age, lifestyle, general health, genetics, stress levels, prior injuries, amount of degeneration, the severity, nature and length of time the problem has been there must all be taken into consideration.

Your chiropractor will discuss your individual treatment plan with on your first appointment.

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Do I need to contact my GP if I want to see a chiropractor?

No, you do not need to contact your GP before seeing a chiropractor. However, some private medical insurance companies require a GP referral before they will cover the cost of your treatment so please call them in advance and ask.

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How do Insurance Claims work?

  • 1. Call your insurance company to check that you have cover to see a chiropractor.
  • 2. If you have cover, ask your insurance company for a claim number, your excess amount, and the limit of treatments allowed for seeing a chiropractor on your policy.
  • 3. Make a note of your claim number, and policy number.
  • 4. Visit your GP who will supply you with a referral letter to see a chiropractor.
  • 5. Call us on 07907 001 302 to make an appointment to see one of our chiropractors.
  • 6. Bring your claim number, policy number and GP referral letter with you on your first visit with the chiropractor.
  • 7. Inform the chiropractor that you are an insurance patient and supply them with your documentation.

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For most insurance claims, the chiropractor can claim payment from the insurance company on your behalf if you provide: a membership number, your claim number, a GP referral letter and a copy of your policy details. Please note however, our fees are higher for this service. Alternatively, if you pay for your treatment, on the day, our standard fees will apply and a receipt will be issued for you to claim on your own behalf.

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