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Benefits Of Cross Training For Runners

Running is widely considered as one of the best ways to get and stay fit and healthy. However it's repetitive impact nature can play havoc on our bodies. This can become particularly apparent when training for endurance events, such as the upcoming London Marathon.

Joint and muscle pains are most commonly reported; these complaints are usually classed in two categories; overuse or stress injuries or acute/traumatic injuries.

Examples of Overuse Injuries:

  • Muscles soreness
  • Repetitive strains
  • ITB syndrome
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Runners Knee
  • Stress fractures

Acute traumatic injuries normally occur during exercise and are largely indicated by swelling and bruising; examples such as rolling/spraining your ankle. We recommend you seek medical attention for all acute injuries. So how do we avoid injury whilst getting the right amount of training time needed for an endurance event?

Cross training is a great approach, just because your event is a running event doesn't mean you have to only run. Changing the type of exercise you're doing not only helps relieve the monotony of training, but also challenges different muscles, making you stronger.

As runners you have some obvious strengths: power, endurance and will power! However this can lead towards other areas being over looked, such as under trained upper bodies, poor flexibility and dominant quads with weaker hamstring.

Choose exercises that mimic the aerobic cardiovascular elements of running such as swimming and rowing. Theses exercises are great, whilst aerobically stimulating the focus is on your upper body, giving those legs a well-earned rest! Yoga and Pilates can make great running partners, helping to bring a focus to flexibility and core strength, integral parts to an affective running gait and posture.

Combining these types of training with running helps to maximize your fitness without overloading your body.

Ever have those days where your runs just off, your legs feel heavy and you want to be back home as quick s possible? It happens to us all and is often a sign that your body hasn't had enough time to recover. Don't forget your rest days, your body needs time to recover and it's important keep this in mind when designing your training plan.

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